Chapter 1: Week one of my Aussie adventure or “These may be a very LONG 5 months”

Dear Diary,

I moved to Australia roughly 5 weeks ago. It’s been quite an interesting adventure moving to a new country knowing very few people, none of them “friends” just acquaintances.

The first weekend was HARD. Navigating a new city, buying basic living needs (toiletries and whatever else I didn’t bring with me), and being jet lagged on top of it. Within the first week, I went on an amazing date. Really really liked him. First time I liked a new guy this much since my complicated ex/fwb of 1.5 years. Okay so maybe it had something to do with the excitement of having “a person” while I was in Australia and not feeling so alone. Nonetheless, he was still a great guy.

After a full weekend together, he half-joked I move-in with him. I’m only staying in Australia for 5 months so part of me was like “why not?” It wouldn’t get too serious and it’d be nice hanging with him after work. Next day, he talked to his mom and she said that since I’m not indian, she couldn’t allow it. Damn. Long story short, he listened to his mom, I broke down in tears on the floor of my bedroom, and I had this overwhelming feel of doom suffocating me, realising that I had lost “my person” and would need to find new companions or these 5 months will be EVERY lonley.

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