how do you know when to let go

It’s crazy when someone that used to mean the world to you. Someone you would’ve given your life for without hesitation starts slowly becoming a stranger. The conversations become more formal. Months go by without talking. Apologies of “sorry my life is just so busy” becomes the norm.

Sometimes it hurts. That kind of hurt that seeps into your core. Where your heart arches. Your thoughts torture you as you remember all of the good times. The laughs where your sides hurt and tears rolled down your face. You never imagined a reality without them being a crucial part of it.

Sometimes you feel empowered. You thought you could never live without them and you’re surviving just fine now. You’re stronger than you think you are. It makes you realize how much your heart really can take.

Should I be fighting to keep this weird ex fwb, now just friends thing, alive or should I just let it go. Nothing severe. Still Facebook friends. We can like each other’s posts and check-in on each other infrequently. But should we keep kidding ourselves that there is still more there than that? That you’re more than just someone that used to be a big part of my life. You’re part of a chapter in my book. A great, wonderful chapter that’s concluded. When do you know when to let go of something that used to be so precious?

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