Dating a virgin (part 3)

So I’m on this site called Fetlife (if you’re kinky AF or curious, I highly recommend it). I receive a message from this guy and he seems pretty sweet. Lives in my area, seems intelligent, and pretty kinky/curious considering the sexual pics he has up on the site. We end up texting and meeting up a week later. Blah blah blah and we end up kissing at the end of the evening. I ask him his sexual history and he confesses that he’s still a virgin. Oh, I think, maybe it’s just a lack of experience. It’s true! Never had a girlfriend before due to his focus on studying. Ok, no problem. This can be easily fixed…

After a few dates, we decide to become exclusive and he tells me that he wants to wait until he has strong feelings for someone. So maybe 2-3 months. I stick it out thinking I only have to wait till March or April.

2 months later I’m starting to get eager to finally be intimate with my boyfriend. We make out often and go a little further, but not much. I get upset one day and ask him how long he thinks we need to wait. Then he states, as if it’s not a big deal, that he’s thinking of waiting till marriage now. WHAT?! I did not sign up for this. I signed-up for 2-3 months — not NEVER.

At this point, this very nice man has seduced me emotionally. I spend 4-5 days a week with him, cuddling all night, cooking together, laughing non-stop. I can’t just break up with him for sex, can I?

I decide to stay but our dynamic changes over time. We slowly become less and less physical/passionate. Making out becomes short kisses. Times spent together become working next to each other while cuddling. I miss him every time we are apart but more of a companion or pet. Believe it or not, I think this is exactly what I needed.

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