Dating a virgin (part 4)

Dear Diary,

So I’ve left out some details in my previous blogs. First of all, I’m getting over falling in love with a man in Paris in June 2018. Our two week romance still has my heart longing for him. Secondly, I’ll be moving to Paris for school in August 2019 — and YES, it’s for school, not that man I met.

For these reasons, I’m not looking or ready for love in the U.S. I don’t know if my heart is ready yet and I will also be moving abroad for who knows how long. My current boyfriend is actually what I need and want. He makes me laugh so much and we never have arguments or issues. He’s such an incredible and smart man who impresses me with his considerateness and his intellect. Waking up next to him is a great part of my day and I always smile when I think of him.

Without the sex are definitely less intimate emotionally compared to my last relationships. There is a distance there that I think comes in handy since I’m leaving soon. I truly do believe he’s the best I could be doing right now.

So thanks everyone for reading the posts! Feel free to comment with your own experiences or questions.

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