let’s be young and reckless, come over


“Come Over”- Kenny Chesney

“Being young is not about doing right. It’s about feeling right. When we are young, we need that adrenaline to keep moving on. We have to stand up after failing, to smile after the tears and most of all… to live after love. So resist, don’t give up, love, laugh, sing, smile, dang, jump, run, kiss, share, FEEL, make mistakes and most of all, be spontaneous because youth is a beautiful age, and when it’s gone, there’ll be no regrets accepted.”

Dear Diary,

So I made a reckless decision last night. And I’m not a reckless person. I’m actually pretty boring.  I don’t drink much. Don’t go clubbing. Don’t do drugs. I’m terrified of heights. I’m fairly risk adverse. But I do have an interesting dating life haha.

I texted my ex yesterday. We broke up in January and we haven’t really talked much since. Last night I drove to his place and we went to a bar/restaurant. Well after that we went back to his place and starting drinking. One thing lead to another and we hooked up.

He’s single and loving it. He doesn’t want something. He keeps telling me that he has always liked me though and had feelings for me. I told him that I’ve been thinking about him quite a bit. Well now we are complicated friends. He doesn’t want to rush into something and I don’t want to either (that’s just usually what happens with me lol). He even told me to keep seeing other people so I don’t get the itch to get back together.

So I think I have to play a little hard to get. Especially since we used to date. Make him want me again. Make him want to be exclusive. Plus we weren’t really friends before we started dating. I’d like to do things differently this time. Go slow. Be friends first. Then see where it goes (fingers crossed).

Maybe I’m making a mistake. But hey! I’m young. I can’t always calculate risks and try to avoid anything outside of my comfort zone.

I’ll keep you updated 🙂

2 thoughts on “let’s be young and reckless, come over”

  1. Hey great blog ! I love the way you describe you feelings and your dates ! 🙂 Is it already over with your “thing” ?


  2. Aw thats sucks 😦 Is the fwb thing worth it at least ? (sex, talk, beauty…?). I had a fwb thing too two years ago. But he was an ass, bad in bed and wasn’t even cute ! I was just “in need” I think. I regret now. Who would you choose between you ex and your thing ? Do you have other opportunities ? Maybe you should quit both…?


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