A scar on my heart (thoughts from a child online sex abuse victim)

Sometimes you forget about your past. You forget about being a victim. Forget about the time that you were manipulated and used. Forget that you abandoned your morals to please a man who just wanted to use your body. Forget that you willingly did so because you thought you loved him. He made you fall … Continue reading A scar on my heart (thoughts from a child online sex abuse victim)

the lonely side of living abroad

Something they probably don’t talk about much when you go abroad is now entirely lonely it can be. I made friends at work and we’d go out often after work for drinks. But the weekends weren’t a time for coworkers to get together and hang, that’s what the week is for when you’re all centrally … Continue reading the lonely side of living abroad

how do you know when to let go

It’s crazy when someone that used to mean the world to you. Someone you would’ve given your life for without hesitation starts slowly becoming a stranger. The conversations become more formal. Months go by without talking. Apologies of “sorry my life is just so busy” becomes the norm. Sometimes it hurts. That kind of hurt … Continue reading how do you know when to let go

friend to all, best friend to none

"The prettiest smiles hide the deepest secrets. The prettiest eyes have cried the most tears. The kindest hearts have felt the most pain." Dear Diary, Ever since I was a young girl, I've been self conscious about my weight. My dad would tell me that if only I was skinner, I'd have more friends, be … Continue reading friend to all, best friend to none

let’s be young and reckless, come over

"Come Over"- Kenny Chesney "Being young is not about doing right. It's about feeling right. When we are young, we need that adrenaline to keep moving on. We have to stand up after failing, to smile after the tears and most of all... to live after love. So resist, don't give up, love, laugh, sing, … Continue reading let’s be young and reckless, come over

tired of being strong

"You make yourself strong because it's expected of you. You become confident because someone besides you is unsure. You turn into the person others need you to be."- Jodi Picoult Dear Diary, So I'm an extrovert. Like an extreme extrovert. I hate being alone. I need to be around people either physically or via text. … Continue reading tired of being strong

the text that changes everything

Nothing hurts more than being disappointed by the single person you thought would never hurt you. Dear Diary, So this may sound really dorky but my family (brother, mom, and dad) are some of my best friends. Well were... I just found out Saturday that my dad has had an affair since January. Not only … Continue reading the text that changes everything